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Year of built: 1975

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 New Photos 04. August 2016












August 2018:





Unfortunately, I have not come up with a sparkling idea to install the outboard as inconspicuously as possible. The beautiful shape of the boat suffers in any case. My first attempt was a 5 mm stainless steel plate.


P1010476 3



P1010470 2



P1010230 2



P1010305 2



P1010302 2



In this arrangement, I underestimated the small distance between rudder blade and propeller, actually (dry test in the winter storage) nothing should have happened, but in strong wind from aft and engine on reverse drive the plastic pin for the interlock system broke with the result that the propeller got damaged after hitting the rudder. So there had to be a new attempt.


Advantage now: There is enough space between the propeller and the rudder and I can rotate the outboard 360​​° - without hitting the rudder.

Disadvantage: The lever arm is much further away from the midships line, the propeller is not quite so deep.


P1010231 2



P1010357 3      



P1010365 3



P1010371 2



P1010370 3

The ventilation hood is a great way to route cables into the boat to the battery (mounted on the starboard side for weight-balance). The tiller placed on the cockpit flap has the advantage that the turning gas is operated directionally and allows a view to the speed display.                                               

The ventilation hood on the foredeck I installed midships. So far without any problems with jib.                                                        

  P1010369 2



P1010372 2

In order to avoid having to cover the cockpit overnight, I use a small E-pump (Rule LoPro 900S), which is powered by a small LiPo battery.



November 2020.

News from "Fofftein":

How to raise and lower your mast.



The idea is not new. The point is, that there is a critical moment, when raising or lowering the mast, that it will break away to one side or the other. Therefore it makes sense, to have auxiliary shroudes of fixed length, which will be tight at all times. Therefore you need something to slide in the mast track, which is connected to the auxiliary shroudes. To control these, you connect the shakle (or whatever slides in the the mast track), to the main halyard. Now you can control the auxiliary shrouds all the time.

P1020322 1

P1020317 1

Electric outbord, part 2.

P1020309 1

P1020306 1

A tiller for the outboard can be very helpful, when manouvering in the marina.


Mast bracket:


P1020320 1

IMG 1716 1

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