Here you find some YouTube Videos about these sailboats.

If there is a portrait available on "", you will find a link on the right side.

   Portrait "Strait Rhumb"
Nordica 15 "Strait Rhumb"  
   Portrait "Nutmeg"
Danica 16 "Nutmeg"  
Nordica 16 or Midget 15  
Lynaes 14 "Bibi"  
 Lynaes 14 "Bibi"1  
 Danica 16 at Henry Bay  
 Sailing Small Sailingboats  
 Sailboat cruise  
 Sailboat Cruise  
 Sejlads med Lynaes Jolle  
 KleinkapitalistYT  Portrait "Kleinkapitalist"
 ClipFirst Sail  
 First Sail 2017  
 Midget 15 - Biesbach  
 Peperoni  Portrait "Peperoni"
Peperoni2 Portrait "Peperoni"
Getting started 2018  
 Short trip in Kattegat  
 Nordica 16: Sheet to tiller  
 M2  Portrait "Peperoni"
 Rundt om Middelgrunden  
 pep2018  Portrait "Peperoni"
 The end of the 2018 sailing season  
 Heading 180°  
 Lynaes 14 in Kattegat 10/18  
 16 nordica 362  
Nordica 16 on sea trials in New Haven  
 Pep2020Eprop  Portrait "Peperoni"
 "Peperoni" 2020 - with new electric outboard  
Testing the Spirit 1.0 Plus by  
 DauVid Portrait "Dauntless"
 Sailing "Dauntless"  



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