Refit Midget 15/Oostzeejol






Refit Episode 1:

How it all began:

Episode 1


Refit: Trailer Episode 2:

Busy with refit of Oostzeejol.
Watch trailer of Episode 2 now.
(Episode 2 coming up soon).



Refit Episode 2

Removing the ballast (iron-scrap)




Episode 3

Turning the boat

Since I decided to completely renovate the underwater hull, I thought it would be smart, to turn the boat. I already removed most of the ballast (iron-scrap-which I will replace by lead), so it seemed to be an appropriate moment to turn the boat. So on the one hand I can work in a reasonable posture, on the other hand I can work on the entire underwater ship across the surface without any interruptions from hull- or keel- supports. First of all, I will to remove all the old antifouling and then apply several coats of epoxy-primer. But at the moment the temperatures are to low for these jobs. Winter break.





Episode 4

Removing all old paint/antifouling. First I applied an antifouling/paint remover, which did quite a good job. Then I sanded off the rest of the antifouling and an unknown coating (probably some epoxy-primer).





Episode 5

Applying 5 coats of epoxy primer, that protects the GRP against osmosis.





Episode 6

Applying 3 coats Interprotect. The hull is now ready for Perfection Undercoat. But this will have to wait untill spring, because of present temperatures and humidity.







Episode 7

Applying 2 coats Perfection Undercoat and 2 coats Perfection "Chilli Red". Turning the boat.

A boat needes a name. I named her "CHILI"







Episode 8

Farewell "Chili". The journey goes on.


Episode 8

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